Canary is a simply brilliant way to help people
continue to live in their own homes for longer

We believe that home is where the heart is and for many
older people, staying in their own home makes them happy...

...but that doesn’t stop you from worrying.

If you find yourself thinking...

“I hope
Mum’s alright”

“My Aunt desperately
wants to carry on living
in her own home but I’m
constantly worried”

“I can’t be with him 24
hours a day and my Father-
in-law doesn’t want me to
be… but is he ok?”

Canary can provide you with round the clock
reassurance and peace of mind whilst allowing your
relative to stay in the home they love.

How will Canary help?

Discreet sensors are placed in the rooms that your parent uses most often. These sensors monitor movement, temperature and visitors. You are then able to see via your computer or phone if everything is as it should be. Canary is designed to not be intrusive and has no cameras or microphones.


Check, for example, if your loved one:

  • is safely out of bed and has visited the bathroom at the usual time.
  • has visited the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and at other mealtimes.
  • goes off to bed at their usual time.


Check for example:

  • If the house is warm enough…but not too hot.
  • The heating is coming on often enough.
  • Each room is the temperature you would like it to be.


The Canary Visitor Card enables you to:

  • check if a visitor, eg: the cleaner or a carer, has been as expected.
  • plan when you visit to coincide, or not, with others.
  • see if your relative has had much company that day.

Canary will text or email you if anything out of the ordinary occurs so
that you can check with your parent that everything is ok.

Simply login on your mobile, desktop
or tablet to check everything is ok

What do people say about Canary?

How Canary works

Canary monitors many normal daily activities, using discreet sensors that are placed around the home, to check everything is as it should be. It does not use cameras so no-one can be seen.

Click the play button to watch a short video on how Canary works.

Setting up Canary

Step 1


  • Canary has been designed to be very easy to install without any professional help.
  • You don’t need a phone line or broadband.
  • The sensors are wireless and can be stuck to the wall using contact strips provided.
Step 2


  • Go to the Canary website and be guided through the simple registration process.
Step 3


  • You will be asked to input when and how you would like to receive alerts. For example, you could be informed via text or email if your relative has not been to the bathroom by 10am or has not been in the living room by 1pm.
  • Over time, you will understand your relative's routine better so may wish to change when you receive alerts. Alerts can be changed at any time.

See at a glance if everything is as it should be

You can login to your own Canary page from your computer, tablet or phone.

Here you can see at a glance which rooms your relative has been into and if their daily routine is what you would expect.

You can also check the temperature of their home throughout the day and if a visitor has been and be quickly reassured that everything is as it should be.

Canary will text and email you if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

Each Canary package contains:

  • 4 sensors that monitor movement and temperature
  • Power supply
  • Hub
  • Contact strips to fix the sensors
  • Batteries for each sensor
  • Visitor card

Ordering Canary

Canary is available to rent or buy.

To buy Canary costs £270 for the Canary package (see above for details on what the package includes) plus £15 a month for the monitoring service.

To rent Canary costs £36 per month for the monitoring service plus a £100 refundable deposit (if returned in original packaging and in resaleable condition )

All costs include VAT. If the person you will be monitoring is chronically sick or disabled, they may be eligible for VAT relief. You can check if your relative is eligible on the HMRC website. You’ll just need to complete a short declaration form when you order Canary.

Still not sure?

Either give us a call on 01865 408366 during office hours and we will try to answer your questions or try Canary risk free with our no-quibble, money back guarantee


Risk Free

We are confident that Canary can make a real difference to you and your family.

If, however, you decide that Canary is not right for you, return it to us in its original packaging within 30 days and we will give you a full refund.